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The World's Most Recognized Certification For Project Managers.

Basic Certification in Project Management (BCPM) Gives a detailed insight of the basic concepts, techniques, and methods.

Basic Certification in Project Management (BCPM) is the industry most demanded certification for project managers across all industries.

Registered users and members can make the most out of this certification if they have just started their career or another job at a new workplace. PMBME’s BCPM is an exclusive opportunity for all those who want to achieve more while spending less on their professional credentials.

Enroll now and start learning all those industry trending concepts, techniques and methodologies to immediately uplift your project management capabilities and stand out of the crowd by dealing those everyday challenges more effectively and efficiently.

Basic Certification in Project Management (BCPM) - Objectives & Outline

This certification will give you an edge in the following areas of project management expertise with the following learning objectives:

  • The principles of project management, basic concepts, techniques, and methodologies.
  • When and where to implement these distinctive elements in real life project management scenarios.
  • Develop effective and efficient workflows to achieve greater productivity.
  • Assess and analyze the various internal and external factors that influence the project.
  • The primary role of the candidate as a project manager.
  • Secondary Degree (a high school diploma, an associate’s degree or any global equivalent)
  • 1,500 hours of leading and managing projects.
  • 23 hours of education in project management.

The PMBME BCPM certification recognizes all of the basic industry trends and competencies that are essential for today’s emerging project managers.

If you have just started to scratch the surface then it is most relevant and important certification for you.

The below mentioned table summarizes the dynamic proportion of the various questions that will appear in the examination for each of the respective domain. These proportions precisely represent the number of related questions and tasks that appear in the MCQs examination.

Domains Percentage of domains on Tests
Project Initiation 13%
Project Planning 24%
Project Execution 31%
Project Monitoring 25%
Project Closure 7%
Total 100%

Exclusive Benefits of BCPM Certification

  • Enrich Your Career by learning and adopting the latest project management practices and notions to easily fit into any industry.
  • Develop And Implement new project management techniques and attain greater level of productivity and compelling outcomes.
  • Uplift Your Demand in front of the leading companies from diverse industries across the world and progress faster, unlike others.

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