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Certification Renewal

PMBME recommend you to keep your certification updated with PMBME Ongoing Education Program (OEP). It is exclusively designed to help those who have earned a certificate in Project Management from PMBME and want to keep progressing in their professional career.

Make the Most Out Of Your Project Management Certification
Project Management is rapidly changing. It keeps on introducing newer opportunities and challenges day by day. Participating and becoming part of our PMBME Ongoing Education Program (OEP) will help you stay updated with the evolving changes and inclusions that are essentially important.

Maximum Validity of PMBME Ongoing Education Program
Your PMBME Certification is good for 1.5 years from the date of your exam. The PMBME OEP allows you to extend the validity of your project management certification in 1.5 years intervals by providing you with the latest training and developments in project management.

It’s Easier and Convenient to Renew
You can easily participate and become part of the latest developments and training conducted every year which also includes higher certifications. You will be required to renew your certification after every 1.5 years duration to maintain its validity and market acceptance. You can simply log in to your dedicated account area or reach out to one of our personnel to proceed with the renewal process.

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