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We are a globally renowned provider of project management trainings and certification. Our team of live instructors comprises of the most experienced and renowned professionals who are exclusively selected from the field of project management.

Studying and earning a certificate in project management with our live instructors gives you an unmatched opportunity to adopt the most modern knowledge and practices that are widely implemented across the industry.

Whether you have just started your career or striving to progress faster in your professional journey, our live instructors can help you boost your project management knowledge, skills, and capabilities to successfully achieve your desired goals.

We have gathered the best professional from the corporate world who can assist you in achieving an increased market demand and unbelievable success. From the basic principles and concepts of project management to advanced tools and methodologies, they are all set to transform you into a highly qualified project management expert.

PMBME's Project Management Training Schedule & Pricing We Offer The Most Flexible, Convenient And Affordable Plans That Address All Your Dynamic Needs.

Certification Duration Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing
Basic Certification in Project Management (BCPM) 6 Weeks
Intermediate Certification in Project Management (ICPM) 7 Weeks
Advanced Certification in Project Management (ACPM) 8 Weeks $1,499 $1,649

What's Included In Your PMBME's Class Enrollment? We Don’t Just Want You To Study But Learn And Develop Project Management Skills In A Whole New Way!

  • Live
    We truly understand your need for online learning and for that we offer 100% live classes that can bring you greater convenience and flexibility.
  • Professional
    We have hired the best team of instructors with several years of unsurpassed experience in providing project management trainings.
  • Diversified Study
    Our instructors offer an unmatched set of diversified knowledge, study material and an extensive trainings, unlike others.
  • Dedicated Online Portal Our state-of-the-art dedicated student portal is all that you need. You can easily access all your study notes, class sessions, and assessments.
  • One-On-One
    Live Access
    Make the most out of this exclusive feature that gives you access to have one-on-one interaction with your instructor whenever you need it.
  • Guaranteed Success
    in Exam
    Our instructors can deliver you unmatched knowledge, skills, and expertise that makes it easier for us to guarantee maximum success.

How Does It Work? It’s Easier to Enroll, Study and Earn a Globally Recognized Certification in Project Management with Us.

Connect and Study Online Connect to your dedicated online studying portal, attend live sessions, and move on with the course outline at the comfort of your home.

Study and Prepare At Your Own Pace Make the most out of our live instructors by having 24/7 one-on-one interaction, access all your class sessions and study notes and prepare yourself for the exam.

Get Your Certificate of Completion Once you have gone through the live sessions, preparations and passed the exam, it’s time to celebrate and get recognized as a certified project management professional.

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