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2020 Global Project Management Conference in New York

The 2020 Global Project Management Conference is all set to take place in New York in 2020, and will focus on hosting a seminar for managers and team members to understand the unique challenges of managing technical projects and how planning project management strategies can help them tackle tough challenges coming their way.

The Global Project conference will be held from 26-29 March, 2020. The conference will present a series of critical points related to how you manage your projects with people. Topics such as time management, developing leadership skills, managing conflicts, handling team members, and motivating team members will be comprehensively discussed. A rich program of influential speakers will discuss how people working in the project management field can control their projects and get the most out of them with the help of innovative methods, tools and techniques.

Project management industry is evolving. In the ever-changing environment in which the professional work, effective leadership, flexible thinking, and adaptive work are necessary for success, the Global Project Management Conference in New York will look at how to manage scope and how this profession benefits the changing world.

Attendees will leave gaining knowledge and insight about how to promote their products, their services, and foster relationship with team members. The conference will be highly informative as the speakers will focus on discussing three key areas including adapting to the development of your career, a smart approach to the project, and ways to develop your achievements.

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