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Common Project Management Blind Spots to Avoid In 2020

Project management teams and managers face difficulties when launching a project. Below listed are some common blind spots that can be avoided in 2020.

  1. Doing everything yourself
    Many project managers decide to take important decisions or perform all the important tasks independently, without the participation of a team. An example could be, not providing a stressful situation to a team or not accepting help or input from a team member. This can significantly complicate the progress of the project.
  1. Lack of clarity in determining successful measures
    Lack of clarity is due to lack of communication which can deteriorate success. By communicating the main objectives effectively, the project manager draws attention to the areas of intervention of the team, individuals, and organization. It’s important to understand that incomplete requirements will affect the results and lead to failure.
  1. Approach to strategic direction
    Project managers often underestimate the priorities and strategic directions of a project. They usually have a list of defined goals and organizational priorities. Effective leaders will remember these priorities when they discuss a project and transfer it to the project team. This helps to align project goals and business goals and reduces the clutter.
  1. Lack of sufficient knowledge and skills
    Effective project managers can identify risks at an early stage of the project and can plan for success. An example of this risk is when a project requires a certain set of knowledge skills in a given area. This can be avoided by providing adequate training to staff or team members so that the implementation of the project gets easy.
  1. Under-performance leads to poor management
    An important skill needed to manage a project effectively is to the ability to manage under-performance. Project managers should be trained to work with good and bad performers. In most cases, poor performance leads to the failure of a project. Sitting down and hoping to improve the results is not a good strategy. A strategic approach should be adopted to find the root cause so that it can be fixed.

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