Privacy Policy

PMBE provide this privacy policy to explain how it collects, uses, shares and/or process the user information for this website. After you choose to provide your information to PMBME, you can stay assured that the provided information will only be used to cater to the services of this website that you have chosen. Our certifications, memberships, invitations to seminars, webinars or another type of events may require you to provide us with your true and valid information and will be used for the sole purpose for which it is required.


PMBME provides this privacy notice to ensure that you are fully aware of its privacy practices and the choices you can make for the way your information is being collected and used.

What Information We Collect

PMBME website may ask you for but not limited to your telephone number, email address, name, address, city, country, employer, job title, billing information, business information, credit card information, or any primary information that is helpful to successfully provide you with this website’s services. 

Use of Cookies

Other than the personal information, by using this website PMBME or its service providers may collect and use tracking information such as mobile device, browser type, operating system, information regarding your internet service provider, and/or the various pages of this website that you visit. This information is collected by use of cookies which are temporary files that are installed on the users’ computer. This information is used for aggregating technical reports. This information is also helpful to PMBME for improving its website services, look and feel and the technologies that support this website.

How We Use the Information

PMBME utilizes your provided information to make a better understanding of your dynamic needs and successfully provide you with the best level of quality in its services. We can use the provided information to assist you to complete the transactions requested by you, effectively communicate with you, and/or offer you its services and benefits. PMBME uses credit card information only for the purpose of processing the payments and not for any other use. We may also contact you for further information regarding our ongoing industry research which helps us a lot in introducing new services and benefits to the users of this website. PMBME will never reveal, share or transfer your confidential information to any third party for any purpose.

With Whom We Share the Information

PMBME will not sell, rent or lease your provided information to individuals or entities outside PMBME without having your prior permission and approval. In case of the availability of your permission and approval, PMBME may share your information with its business partners or affiliates who act on behalf of you to assist us to provide you with this website’s services. Such individuals and entities are fully governed by this set of privacy policy and are bound to fully comply with this privacy policy and all other applicable privacy-related agreements.


PMBME will not use/utilize your provided information for purposes other than the purposes for which it has been collected from you. In case of using your information other than the primary purpose, PMBME will ask and require your permission and will not use it without your approval. It is your choice to approve or disapprove PMBME’s request for using your information.

Access & Correction

PMBME strives to keep all your provided information absolutely accurate. PMBME will provide you complete access to your provided information to help you keep it updated, valid and accurate. PMBME will take appropriate steps to ensure complete protection to your provided information by verifying it through multiple ways. PMBME recommends you not to share your PMBME account user id and password with anyone otherwise PMBME will not be held responsible against any type of losses/damages caused to you.


PMBME ensures every important step to ensure your complete security for your provided information and recommends you not to share your account credentials with anyone to prevent unauthorized access and loss of your confidential information.
It is really unfortunate that not all types of digital data transmission over the internet are fully secure, therefore PMBME cannot provide you 100% guarantee for securing your information. However, PMBME ensures taking all the necessary steps to do so. If you share or transmit this information to anyone else, it will solely on your own risk and PMBME will not be responsible for any type of losses/damages and/or inconveniences.

Links to Third Party Websites

PMBME may provide links to third party websites which are solely for your own convenience. If you use and visit any third party website, you basically leave PMBME website. In such case, PMBME will not be responsible for controlling, monitoring, managing and ensuring security to the information that you provide to those third party websites and will not be held responsible in any case.

Changes to this Notice

PMBME reserves complete rights to change, amend, modify, update or edit this set of privacy policy at any time due to any reason. In such cases, PMBME will notify its website users about these changes and expect them to stay well connected with all the platforms through which it communicates with them.

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